“James worked on the film 'AFG' as our Associate Producer in Morocco. He was instrumental in pulling the project together - from sourcing the locations, which we shot to represent Afghanistan, to recommending local service providers and liaising with local production. He is a fount of knowledge on Morocco, a great guy to work with, and I would recommend anyone planning to shoot in Morocco should speak with James. We couldn't have made the film without him.”

Tom Petch, Director/Producer ‘The Patrol’


“James pulled together a fantastic production team - particularly the DOP Jesse and stylist Dawn who were full of energy and creative ideas...all made for a smooth production considering the tough schedule. Thoroughly recommend his services!”

Matt Dew, Founder 113 / Creative


“I found James to be the consummate professional , with excellent local knowledge and a great skill for solving problems in Morocco. Which is a specialist skill in it's own right. “

Andy Green, Photographer


“James was an excellent Moroccan guide and fixer during the filming of the Shadow Line prequel in Morocco. He led us to a superb Moroccan co-production partner, and was always reliable and on hand to help with a variety of other situations. I highly recommend him for companies looking to film in Morocco.”

Ben Grass, Producer, Pure Grass Films